LifeQ investment


LifeQ is a health informatics company with the aim of fundamentally improving human health. Its cloud-based bio-mathematical engine and API ingests various health-related data streams to construct a highly personalised and accurate digital representation of an individual's unique physiology. Physiological measures that were previously inaccessible, costly and invasive are now available via LifeQ's platform and open ecosystem of partners. LifeQ enables specialists and organisations in a wide range of market verticals such as lifestyle, corporate wellness, health and life insurance and clinical applications to deliver highly valuable personalised services. The company has offices in the US, Ireland and South Africa.

"What sets Invenfin apart is its long-term investment view and partnership model, which are extremely valuable when breaking into new markets. We have been fortunate to share in these strengths with a first class investment team"

- Laurie Olivier & Dr Riaan Conradie, Co-Founders

HealthQ Technologies